Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Archangel Michael Medallion

Tadeus, I'm concerned that you haven't responded to Rochelle. I know it's so clear that, given your birth date, you can benefit immensely from miracles, using the power of this extraordinary Archangel Michael Medallion.

Dear Tadeus,

Our mutual friend, Rochelle, wrote to me recently about the unique chance you have to connect with the angels due to being blessed with incredible spiritual energy. I was worried, however, when she didn't hear back from you right away.

I looked over your charts, Tadeus, and it was clear to me right away that Rochelle was right: because you were born on June 27, 1962 in pekanbaru, you are one of a few people who truly have the ability to achieve all of your dreams...you just need a little help.

That's why I was shocked that you hadn't taken advantage of Bernard's offer the second you found out about it. This Medallion acts as a "special angelic key" to enhance your unique talents and abilities so you can open portals to connect with the Archangel Michael, the angel of miracles, and receive his blessings. With the Archangel Michael Medallion aiding you, Tadeus, I am certain you can get the miracles you need to increase your wealth, protection and good fortune.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by, Tadeus. The angels want to bless your life, but you have to let them. With this Medallion you are telling them that you want their help and are ready to live the life you've always dreamed of and deserve.

But enough from me, I'm sure you want to here what Bernard has to say.

Your friend,


Dear Tadeus,

I often get chills down my spine when someone tells me about a birth coincidence like yours.

This is because when I learned you were born in pekanbaru on June 27, 1962, I realized you are one of the people who could use the amazing "Angelic Key" I discovered (a medallion with mysterious ancient symbols and incredible power) made of pure 24 karat Gold and pure Sterling Silver, to open a "Portal" to The Archangel Michael.

My friend, this is a truly rare and magnificent piece that is as beautiful as it is mysterious and magical. It is a medallion that is directly linked to the bible itself...a magical object without peer, and one that until recently has been nearly impossible to obtain.

Now let me tell you why this medallion and Archangel Michael, the most powerful of angels, can deliver the miracles, protection, guidance and love you need to change your life so you can live your dreams. (Not many people can ever hope to be given a chance like this, so please listen carefully.)

First, your medallion will create a "Portal" (a connection) to the Archangel Michael, who is considered the greatest, most powerful of all angels by each of the world's 3 great religions... Judaism, Christianity and Islam. His power is so great that it is stated in the scriptures in each of these 3 great religions, "that those lucky enough to have Archangel Michael in their lives will receive the blessings and miracles they need to enjoy a better, happier, richer life."

This is why, for example, since ancient times the Archangel Michael was renowned all over Europe and Russia for his ability to produce miracles. In fact, there was not a city in Russia, where there is not a church or chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael for this very reason.

A piece with extraordinary powers crafted in
Pure 24 karat Gold and Pure Sterling Silver!

As I hope you can now see, this is no ordinary Medallion. And as you can imagine the materials from which it is made are befitting a piece of this magnitude... Pure 24 karat Gold and Pure Sterling Silver! The 2 most magically powerful and pure metals in the world!

First, 24 karat Gold is considered the purest and most magically potent of all metals and has been since the dawn of man. In fact, it has been known throughout history that when priests, shamans or magi wear pure gold, it greatly enhances their magical and spiritual powers.

Additionally it is thought of as the most protective, since pure 24 karat Gold is one of the basic elements and cannot be corroded or corrupted in any way. It is for these reasons, as well for its incredible beauty, that through the ages Gold was the material of choice for crafting sacred objects, such as chalices and crosses as well as jewelry. This is why it has been, and continues to be, worn and used in religious ceremonies to this day.

But perhaps the greatest reason for acquiring Gold over the last four thousand years is that people wear Gold to increase their own personal power, courage, confidence and will power. It also has the power to attract wealth. (Ever heard the expression, "money attracts money?" Well before there was money it was believed that Gold attracted Gold. This is the reason it has been so sought after and hoarded.)

For all these reasons Solid 24 karat Gold was essential for this incredible piece.

Second, Pure Sterling Silver was used because it is the most powerfully mysterious and spiritually absorbing material on Earth. It is also the second most protective metal. In fact, because of Silver's amazing ability to protect and heal, hospital dressings containing silver are used on burns to prevent infections.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg, because Pure Sterling Silver also enhances and empowers psychic abilities and intuitive perception. What's more, Silver's relaxed, reflective energy magnifies the powers of the Pure 24 karat Gold.

This means your Medallion of the Archangel Michael, which was cast in pure Sterling Silver, will magnify the Pure 24 karat Gold's magical properties many times over! (Can you now begin to see how truly wonderful, beautiful and powerful this piece is?)

But there's more! A lot more, because this exquisite piece contains some of the most powerful symbols ever created for a Medallion or any other religious or magical piece...

The Power behind your Archangel Michael Medallion

First, if you look at the medallion you will see the secret angelic prayer inscribed in 24 karat Gold around its perimeter. It is written in Enochian, the language of angels, so no one but you will be able to use it. I will send you this secret prayer with your medallion. You must recite it three times. This will charge your medallion and open a "Portal" to the angels. (Please keep this a secret.)

Second, notice Archangel Michael's flaming swords. These are symbols of righteousness, which he will use to protect you from all forms of negative entities. There is one in each quadrant of your Medallion. These quadrants represent the 4 points on a compass. This will protect you from harm from any direction as well as attract good fortune and opportunity from any direction.

Third, in the very center of this incredible piece is the Sun. The Sun represents the power of the Archangel Michael to lead the souls of his believers into the Eternal Light of love and good fortune.

Next, you'll notice the interlacing patterns at the top of each quadrant. These are ancient keltoi knot patterns taken from "The book of Kells". They have been used for 1000's of years to trap powerful energies and when grouped with the other elements, they make it possible to "magically" summon spiritual entities, such as the Archangel Michael, for help, direction, companionship and miracles. (Which is why I want you to keep your Medallion with you at all times.)

Lastly, you will notice the Gold "Ley" lines. ("Ley" is the old Saxon word for "cleared path.") These are "lines of power," as we call them today. They are identical to the lines found on Neolithic monuments in England. These lines have been used for 1000's of years to guide ancient man to the invisible pathways of energy that connect spiritual powers (like angels) to human beings.

Note: Right after "charging" your medallion with the secret invocation, you could experience a tingling sensation, and notice light glistening and glancing off the surface of this amazing talisman. What's more, if you're like others, you will get an incredible feeling of security and warmth.

Additionally, after the initial "charging" when you feel the need to open a "Portal" to the angels or to Michael himself, just "power-up" your Medallion by reciting the secret Enochian prayer again.

For example, if you ever find yourself feeling threatened or uneasy, or if you feel you are lacking the proper commitment, motivation or direction, or you are at a place where you truly need a miracle to solve a problem, or overcome an obstacle that is standing between you and your dreams, just grasp your medallion in your hand and recite the prayer.

Similarly, should you need to call on the medallion's amazing powers for luck, courage, direction, energy, vitality or if you need to attract money, just recite the prayer. Most importantly, you should keep your medallion with you at all times.

And so you know you are acquiring a genuine Archangel Michael Medallion, made from Pure 24 karat Gold and Pure Sterling Silver, yours will arrive with it's own Certificate of Authenticity.

And since I want you to do this so you'll have the ability to benefit from this connection and your incredible happenstance, anywhere, any place, any time, I believe it would be best if you could keep the power of Archangel Michael as close to you at all times, so I would like you to have...

Your First FREE Gift!
A 22" 18 karat Gold plated Rope Chain

This is an extraordinary FREE Gift. Exquisitely crafted in 18-karat Gold, this shimmering, liquid gold like 22" long, rope chain necklace is the perfect complement to your medallion. For security, this magnificent chain proudly features a large, easy to use "lobster claw" clasp.

Unquestionably displaying your magnificent and extremely powerful medallion on a chain of this caliber is not only the best way to keep it close to you at all times, but also the best way for you to display it as the piece of fine jewelry that it is.

But that is not all...

Your Second Free Gift!
A Black Crocodile Embossed Presentation Case

This startling handsome, crocodile embossed, presentation case is satin lined and features a precisely angled, felt covered "display stand" that has been custom fitted to your Medallion. This feature allows you to dramatically show off this finely crafted work of art, when you are not wearing it.

In addition, it has a spring-loaded hinge that instantly snaps shut with a distinctive muffled click, so you can keep this masterpiece safe and totally secure.

But there's more...

Your Third Free Gift!
The Secrets, History and Uses of The Archangel Michael Medallion

First, this richly detailed guide will give you a full understanding and appreciation of Archangel Michael. For example, you will learn that the first Angel created was Michael and that he is the leader of all the Archangels as well as all the guardian angels and is responsible for the protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity of all the people who are able to contact him.

Additionally, you'll hear how Archangel Michael's involvement with mankind is also seen in other ways, including his protection of Jacob from the wrath of his brother Esau over a matter of inheritance. The Scriptures also tell us that it was Michael who battled the Devil for the soul of Moses following the death of the founder of the Israeli nation.

Second, it shows you how lucky you are to be able to contact him and other angels.

But most importantly, your guide will give you examples of how the Archangel has helped others and explain the secrets of using your medallion effectively to get the guidance, direction, energy and miracles you need to make every area of your life better.

(Please, just click on the box below to see each of your FREE Gifts.)

A Rare Opportunity To Turn Your Life Completely Around

There is an awesome power in this unique piece, which is fueled by ancient symbolism -- and magnified by the Pure Sterling Silver and Pure 24K gold. The "Medallion of the Archangel Michael" is truly a rare and remarkable work of art, as well as a magical object without peer, and one that will be revered and appreciated by all those who cast their eyes upon it.

Moreover, because you were born on June 27, 1962 I am sure as it has for others, it will help bring you the opportunities, guidance and miracles you need to turn your life completely around.

Just Pay For The Shipping and Handling

Not many people will ever be able to avail themselves of the chances you have now been given, so in order to get this piece into your hands as quickly as possible, just pay for the shipping, handling and insurance ($6.95) and we'll send you the "Medallion of the Archangel Michael" so you can use it Obligation Free for 30 days.

If after those 30 days, you choose to keep your "Medallion of the Archangel Michael," your credit card will be billed in four easy installments of only $14.95.

However, because you are a friend of Bethea, Tadeus and because I know you are one of the people who can really take advantage of the Medallion's incredible power, I will make it almost impossible for you to say no, with my forever guarantee...

Use, wear and enjoy your Medallion for as long as you like...be it a month, two months, one year, ten years or more. If you are not 110% satisfied with this magnificent piece, or if you feel it didn't attract the love, guidance, directions and opportunities I said it would, or even if you just change your mind, just return your Medallion of the Archangel Michael to either myself or Bethea, and I will make sure you get a complete refund, including the cost of shipping and handling...immediately!

Now I hope I've made it impossible for you to turn down this opportunity, because I know it would be a totally great thing for you to do.


Bernard de Buhem


Shelley said...

Funny how your birthdate is just as powerful as mine (August 14, 1968, Sydney)... I think not. I get the horoscopes out of curiousity but the rest of the crap they peddle annoys the sh* out of me.

Crystal said...

Very interesting!!!! Wow they say the same thing over and over! Huh??? It could be just a way to trick people and scan their money right from there pockets. Or just there just making things easier for themselves.

Maybe its because, its true, but maybe its not. But then again you can't Deny it unless you tryed it.

My question is:
Has anyone actualy bought the Medallion?

3 free gifts, plus the "Medallion" is all about $66.75? huh? Doesn't sound like to much to pay to see what the talk is all about. But, ppl's identities do fall in wrong hands.
Plus its only ten dollars more then to put gas in p.o.s my truck.... but With gas prices raising I can barely afford gas, let alone food, or college..... But I don't know! Part of me says Do it for kicks and giggles and see "what kind Of changes, or miracles,it will bring to my life!" yet the other says walk away.

Carolyn said...

I inherited this talisman and would like to know the secret incantation to charge it and also the secret Enochian prayer. can anyone help please respond to yesican@bell.net

Carolyn said...

I inherited this beautiful Archangel Michael talisman medallion. Can anyone please let me know the secret incantation to charge the piece and also the secret Enochian prayer. I would be very grateful.

Samantha said...

Lol, they said my birthday ( March 14 1986, Torrance) was the special date! And in my letter you pay shipping, $6.95 ,and one payment of $19.95, to receive the medallion, then if you keep it you get charged $19.95, four more times!

Troy Meyer said...

Mine was special to. 9/11/1968

Troy Meyer said...

Mine was special to. 9/11/1968

Kathleen Huffman said...

Mine too 11/14/1968. I wonder what the significance of 1968 and the 14th is and in the case of the post from Samantha for 3/14/1986(68 inverted).

Kathleen Huffman said...

Mine too 11/14/1968. I wonder what the significance of 1968 and the 14th is and in the case of the post from Samantha for 3/14/1986(68 inverted).

Starla Diana said...

Funny I got the same message only with my birthdate inserted.

Erin Perry said...

Ha I got the same message I always figured should look this stuff up that they keep sending!? True or nah???

Ryan Foreman said...

How do I purchase this necklace?

Tony Casillas said...

I want my Archangel Michael to help guide me into the right directions so I wont miss another Life Changing Opportunity!

justanotherfaceinthecrowd said...

Are we done now? Need I point out each and every one of you asked her to elaborate, help you? Do not make fun of what you don't know. And what is wrong with her offering things she (and yes probably you) believe in? Didn't you find her to be a nice lady? Not many of them around anymore hmmmm?

Philip Thompson said...

7777?worth a shot

Philip Thompson said...

7777?worth a shot

tye said...


Unknown said...

We have a common birth date- at least the August 14th part. I'm from '73. I read most emails from Bethea, they arrive in 2 separate email accounts, always with the same message, I've been receiving for 10 months now. I've never made a purchase,although earlier this week, I played my lucky #s she gave me for the week on the day she said was my luckiest, and won $25- 2 #s and the powerball. Coincidentally,that is the 1st time I've gotten more than 2#s. Still not sending $ to her though... She does make me wonder sometimes though!

IAM13 said...

Its mostly bullshit. Look, if you want some very accurate reading material based on the moment you were born, and you want it for free, look no further than those who mind my future as well. Just head to this site, register, and tell them that caliwebman sent you. Once registered login and you will have a huge amount of very well dialed information on your sign and date. Check it out now: http://www.thefutureminders.com or to head directly to the registration page go here - http://www.thefutureminders.com/daily-horoscope-registration/free-astrology.cfm

Love, Light and Power,


Scharlyn said...

I want to receive every good opportunity, love and protection also. I looked up Bethea Jenner online. It said she use to work in a radio station ,before getting into astrology to scam people out of their money. So she probably was not happy with her life then. If you have purchased anything online or did a survey online, this is how they now each of our birthdays. I'm readying some of your comments to see if it's true to get the medallion and I found that what was said to you was also said to me too word for word. I Googled the Archangel medallion it is about the same price. One time payment, no four payment thing if you want to just try it for kicks and giggles. I hope for all of us who try it that we get what it promises. I'll do the one payment option. Bethea has made it so well known on internet, no matter where you buy it, I think she and Bernard will still get a little piece of the pie, but if you go through her to get it the get the whole pie.

Scharlyn said...

Yes very

Scharlyn said...

We all have to take chances in life. Go online first. Four payments is a bit much.

Unknown said...

I. Like what u said I'm been talking to her also for about 3.years on an off and UV never played her I feel of it so important she should just send for free

Unknown said...

I. Like what u said I'm been talking to her also for about 3.years on an off and UV never played her I feel of it so important she should just send for free

Rick Gasser said...

Well it seems this has been the same message for many years. Since 2006 that has not changed. Except now it is pure 18K gold in my message, which is silly since 18k gold is not pure gold at all that is what makes it 18k gold and not 24K gold. I have gotten many messages in the past few weeks trying to sell me all kinds of things that are just silly. Use your intuition, it never lies to you. If it feels like a scam it is a scam, or at least not what you need in your life. However if you can truly believe something will help you then you have given it the power to do so, but it is your belief in it that has created this not the symbol itself that has done this for you. We all create our own realities with our thoughts and belief's.